Column on State Tax Risk Management for Startups Published in JMTI

Technology startups present a recipe for difficulties in the world of state and local taxes (SALT): new services and business models, broad national or worldwide markets, and limited resources for compliance. As a successful start-up scales, SALT exposures become material, and particularly when heading towards the due diligence scrutiny associated with an exit. [More]

Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Limits Business Expense Deduction For Settlement of Sexual Harassment Claims

By Trey Cooper

Before settling a claim of sexual harassment or sexual abuse, Employers should consider a little discussed provision of the newly passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts which could affect their taxable income. Whether a settlement agreement or payment made in connection with a sexual harassment or sexual abuse claim is deductible will depend on whether the settlement or payment is subject to a nondisclosure agreement. [More]

Does Your Employee Handbook Inadvertently Create an Employment Contract?

By Trey Cooper
It should go without saying that employee handbooks should be drafted according to state and federal law, but an employee handbook should also be drafted to fit the particular needs of each individual employer. Policies and procedures should be developed that reflect the company's size, employee needs, and company philosophy. Outdated, erroneous, or ambiguous policies can be as dangerous if not more dangerous than having no policies at all. For example, Arkansas courts will find an exception to the at-will employment rule where an employee relies upon an employee handbook that contains an express provision against termination except for cause[1]. [More]