Our Team

Businesses spend a considerable amount of resources trying to comply with environmental rules and regulations. Understanding how to comply with the scores of federal, state and local laws pertaining to the environment is one of the main reasons clients rely on Dover Dixon Horne. Our environmental attorneys specialize in helping clients with environmental as well as energy and industrial site development issues, such as air permits and water permits. Superfund litigation and regulatory analysis are among the many areas in which Dover Dixon Horne represents clients. We also regularly prepare comments on rules and legislation, address environmental problems in business acquisitions, negotiate environmental contracts, and oversee permit and regulatory commission proceedings. In addition, our environmental team helps companies create strategies and policies that reduce their risk of liability. Preparing for an EPA audit, conducting audits protected by the attorney-client privilege and creating emergency management systems are examples of how our firm helps clients improve their environmental compliance status and protect their bottom line.

Our Experience

Dover Dixon Horne's environmental attorneys have assisted clients with siting issues for heavy industrial, energy plant, and process plant & refining projects. Our recent engagements include Superfund litigation, environmental contract negotiation and litigation; air or water permit proceedings; state and federal electric, natural gas, and cogeneration proceedings; regulatory analysis for project planning; preparation of comments on proposed rules and legislation; and incorporating project environmental requirements into the performance guarantees for large project contracts.